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When is the Appropriate Time to Remove a Tree?

If you find yourself with a tree growing on your land, you might be contemplating whether it should be cut down. It’s understandable to hesitate, as trees often enhance a property with their scenic foliage. However, certain situations can arise where trees pose risks to individuals and structures, in which case it’s best to face the situation head-on and proceed with tree removal. So, what indicators should you be aware of?

One well-known issue is subsidence, which can transpire when a tree’s roots extract excessive moisture from the soil, causing it to shrink and lose its ability to support weaker foundation structures built atop it. It’s important to note that not all soil types are susceptible to shrinkage, and this problem primarily affects specific clay soils. Furthermore, subsidence is only likely to occur during prolonged dry periods, as the soil needs to have already lost a significant amount of moisture for the roots to have an impact.

With that being said, although not entirely common, if you start observing signs of subsidence on your property, it’s worth contemplating tree removal. Tree roots can also lead to other issues. Since they naturally grow toward water sources, they may infiltrate drains and obstruct them, resulting in burst pipes. This is particularly problematic for older drains with ineffective seals, as they tend to release small amounts of water that attract root growth.

Lastly, it’s crucial to consider the potential physical damage that a large tree can cause if its branches were to fall or if the main trunk were to collapse. Such incidents often occur during severe storms or high winds, with older and larger trees being more susceptible. Younger trees are generally more flexible and less likely to succumb to branch loss or falls in turbulent weather. If you have a substantial, mature tree on your property, it’s worth considering tree surgery to eliminate potentially hazardous branches. In certain cases, the risk of trunk collapse may be significant enough to warrant tree removal, especially if the tree is already showing signs of decay caused by fungi or bacteria.

Due to the various potential problems associated with trees, it is advisable to have a comprehensive assessment of any significant specimens on your property. At Ross Giles, we not only provide tree surgery and removal services but also offer consultancy and inspection. If you have a tree on your land, feel free to contact us for professional advice on the best course of action.

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