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What is the Cost of Removing a Tree Stump?

Stump removal refers to the complete elimination of a tree stump of any size, which can be done through excavation or by grinding the stump out, which is the more commonly preferred method. The cost of removing a tree stump will depend on the procedure chosen, the stump’s size, and accessibility to the site. The average cost to grind out a stump is around £200, with an hourly rate for the job of about £60. Tree stump removal costs range from £50 to £500 per stump, depending on several factors, including the tree’s species, size, and location.

What affects the cost of stump removal?

Several factors can influence the cost of removing a tree stump, including whether the tree is also being felled, which removal process is chosen, the stump’s size, the species of the tree, accessibility to the site, and the intended use of the site afterward.

What happens when a tree is felled? When a tree is felled, the stump is often left in place, unless the tree is professionally felled. In that case, the base of the trunk and the roots are left in place, and the tree is cut further up the trunk to avoid damaging structures. If the tree is felled entirely, it can leave a huge crater and cause damage to the ground and surrounding areas. Once the tree has been felled, the stump can be dealt with separately, causing much less disruption.

What is stump removal?

Stump removal is the physical excavation of the stump using a combination of machinery and labor to pull it out of the ground. The length and complexity of the root structure can be challenging to determine until the removal process has begun. Stump grinding, on the other hand, shreds the remaining stump into fine woodchips and powder, which quickly decomposes.

Why do people want to remove tree stumps?

Tree stumps can be unsightly, dangerous if they are obscured by soil, grass, and other foliage, and can present a trip hazard. Old tree stumps will eventually rot down, but it can take many years for this to happen.

Stump grinding versus stump removal Manually removing the stump is the more intrusive of the two processes, creating a huge hole and damaging the surrounding soil and structures. Stump grinding is much less intrusive, and the machine grinds the stump down into woodchips and fine powder, usually the quickest and cheapest option.

Can tree roots sprout new growth after stump grinding?

This is a concern, particularly if the stump is near a building or has already caused damage to hard areas. Part of the stump grinding process is to sever the roots around the base of the stump. The stump area should then be covered with a mound of soil after grinding, and a nitrogen-based fertilizer should be applied to speed up the decomposition.

What steps should you take to prepare the location before the tree stump is removed or ground up?

The contractor you select will have already carried out a thorough site inspection before providing the estimate, but you can help speed up the process on the day by taking some steps in advance:

  • Ensure there is sufficient and convenient access for vehicles.
  • If the stump is obstructed by foliage, clear the site, including an area around the stump, so that work can begin immediately.
  • If the stump is being ground out, it may be beneficial to remove debris, rocks, and large stones from around it, as they can obstruct the grinder’s blade and dull it.
  • There are safety considerations to keep in mind when a grinder is in operation, so you should not approach the site until it is safe to do so once work has begun.
  • To protect windows near the tree stump, temporary screens or boards should be used in case a stone flies up and hits them.

Leaving the site in good condition after the work is done

When requesting estimates for stump removal or grinding, it is crucial to inquire about the condition in which the site will be left once the contractors have completed their work. You do not want to be left with an unsightly hole after stump removal, which could be quite dangerous for people and animals. Stump grinding creates far less mess, and any leftover woodchip will typically decompose and disintegrate quickly. The contractor should be aware of your intentions for the site since this may influence their approach and decision-making.

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