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Practical Advice for Trimming Your Hedges

During the transition from spring to late autumn, hedges thrive with activity. By May, you will observe substantial growth in many hedges over the past few weeks, especially this year due to the abundant sunshine in March and April.

Hedges can be formed using various shrubs and trees, spanning from conifers to holly and hawthorn hedges.

Presented below is a selection of common hedges we trim and the optimal timing for their maintenance:

Trimming Yew Hedges

Best time to trim: August/September

Frequency: Once annually

Trimming Privet Hedges

Best time to trim: April to September

Frequency: At least twice per year. Regular trimming promotes increased thickness.

Trimming Laurel Hedges

Best time to trim: June to September

Frequency: Once per year

Trimming Berberis Hedge

Best time to trim: After flowering

Frequency: Once per year

Trimming Leylandii Hedging

Best time to trim: April to September

Frequency: At least twice per year. Regular trimming encourages denser growth.

This represents only a brief list of the hedges we handle. Should you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you require hedge-trimming or tree-cutting services in Dorset and Dorchester, contact us for a quote today.

Here are a few tips for hedge cutting:

  • Aim to trim the hedge into a slightly ‘A’ shape. This enhances stability and allows rainfall and sunlight to reach all parts of the plant.
  • Start by pruning the top flat. To achieve a straight line, you can utilise canes and string as a cutting guide.
  • Ensure you clear away trimmings to prevent fungal diseases.
  • Use sharp shears and consider getting them regularly sharpened.
  • When using electric trimmers, ensure they are connected to a socket with a circuit breaker. Keep the cable well away from the blade, and wear goggles and sturdy gloves for protection.
  • After pruning, water the hedge, preferably on both sides if feasible.

If the task appears overwhelming, feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to handle this work. We cherish the outdoors in all weather conditions, although we do have a preference for dry weather!

If you reside in the Dorset and Dorchester area of Essex or nearby and require hedge pruning services, call Ross Giles Tree Surgeon at 01305 581 812.

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