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Crown Reduction in West Stafford

Crown reduction is an effective method for controlling the size of trees that have grown beyond what is acceptable for you or your neighbourhood. Ross Giles offers crown reduction services to homeowners both within and outside of West Stafford.


Crown reduction is a common pruning technique used by arborists to maintain the structure and shape of a tree’s crown while reducing its size. We specialise in trimming the uppermost branches of a tree’s canopy, shortening them to reduce the tree’s overall height. However, they limit the amount of cutting to ensure that the branches can heal quickly and grow back correctly, forming a new crown.



Crown reduction provides several benefits in addition to controlling the size of the tree.

REMOVES DEAD BRANCHES: As trees grow, it is common for some of their branches to die, creating a hazard that can affect both the tree’s health and the safety of your property and family. During a storm, dead branches can be thrown around by the wind, causing damage or injury.

IMPROVES FRUIT PRODUCTION: Crown reduction is a tree care technique that offers several health benefits to trees, including increased exposure to sunlight and reduced competition among branches.  As a result, fruit trees become healthier and may produce more fruit in the following year.

ENHANCES YOUR HOME’S APPEARANCE: Many homeowners do not pay attention to the trees in their garden until they become overgrown and unshapely. By utilising proper pruning techniques like crown reduction, you can ensure that your garden trees are aesthetically pleasing, enhancing your home’s exterior appearance.

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What Our Customers Say?

Phyllis: Winton, Bournemouth Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

"I was very pleased with the young fellows who attended. They did a good job with the tree. It was a treat to deal with them, they were so well mannered."

Peter: Poole Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

"An excellent job: three trees removed, stumps ground and a fourth tree neatly trimmed. Responsive service, efficiently delivered and tidily finished. Highly recommended."

Nicholas Barnwell Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

"Ross and him team attended on time completing the quoted for work promptly and to our satisfaction. Site was left clear. The team were polite and pleasant to deal with."

Simon Mowels Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

"Ross and his team have been looking after our hedges and trees for some years now and I wouldn't consider any other contractor as the work they do is beyond reproach."

Sarah Edmonds Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

"Ross and his team have done a couple of jobs for me now, including felling and stump grinding. They work to a high standard and are friendly and tidy too. I would use them again and highly recommend them."

Brian Watson, Verwood, Dorset Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Ross Giles and his team trimmed back a very large oak which was overshadowing my bungalow. Not only was the work perfectly done, the site was immaculate when they left. All that, plus the sensible cost, means I recommend Ross 100%. Again with Thanks Brian

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